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James A. Castillo is an award winning Director and Designer
based in London, UK, who really enjoys spicy food.

His work ranges from publishing Illustration to art direction for virtual reality
projects and everything in between. He has an interest in anything artistic
that challenges the limits of what animation can achieve and loves exploring
new styles and techniques.

His latest project as a character designer include Mitchels vs the Machines,
the new animated project by Sony Pictures (2020) and 3Bellow the new show
on the Arcadia series by Guillermo del Toro for Netflix (2018). In the last few
years James has worked extensibly on virtual reality projects: art directing
Melita , which amounted more than a dozen international awards and directing
Madrid Noir, which has already been selected for the Raindance film festival
for best animated VR experience and the discovery award for best debut film.


© by James A. Castillo